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Amateaur Ham Radio
Amateur (Ham Radio) Users

Amateur radio users enjoy the art of communication - and want the best equipment that supports their club's and local repeater's requirements. Designed with 'hams' in mind we have dual independent VFO modes, simultaneous VFO and Channel mode, quick scanning, and our chipsets are far superior and more accurate than our competitor's - guaranteeing the best Amateur radio experience! With unique features like MSK tones, Amateurs can even communicate via text messaging.

Commercial UHF, VHF Radio
Commercial Enviroments

Commercial radio users need reliable equipment to use on their private commercial frequencies. All of our radios are legal and meet FCC Part 90 certification and requirements for commercial usage. We support selective calling tones such as: CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, 2 Tone, and 5 Tone. Our radios are software programmable and can be completely programmed and locked out to insure your employees only communicate on your company's frequencies.

GMRS, MURS, Public Two Way Radio
Public (Two Way) Radio Users

Public (Two Way) users are liesure, daily, and even commercial users that use public frequencies for communication. These are frequencies found on walkie-talkies used by everyday two-way users. We have models that are FCC Part 95 certified for public and two-way frequencies on GMRS and MURS. These channels are pre-programmed and you can choose from private lines and tones to be used with your pre-existing walkie-talkies.

Emergency and Prepper Radios
Prepper (Emergency) Users

Emergency preppers require the most versatile radios for every imaginable situation. Search and Rescue teams and preppers alike require versatile radios that can work in a multitude of scenarios. Users can communicate through FHSS - frequency hopping (randomized), ensuring that their communications stay secure. With GMRS, NOAA, MURS, and VFO access --- these are the most versatile radios preppers need.



VFO That's Smarter!

The TERMN-8R, OBLTR-8R, and NSTIG-8R have dual independent VFOs. You can simultaneously be on both VFO and channel modes at the same time. Your VFO settings will be saved while switching modes, or even powering off. Want to tweak a memory channel? You can change the settings on the fly on your memory channels (they will reset on a 'reboot'). With the press on the MONI button you can quickly see the frequency on any memory channel with an Alpha-numeric name.


Flexible and Customizable

Our radios work with CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, 2 TONE**, 5 TONE**, and MSK** tones and paging operations. Our radios can not only send tones, but also receive and decode tones as well. Giving customization to options such as paging, ANI, and remote radio commands (such as stun, kill, messaging and more)


Do you use ANI? Our radios can decode incoming calls and display the ANI or PTTID of the caller (you can even save ANI and PTTID's to be associated with Call Signs or Names). Most handhelds simply send (encode), but ours will receive (decode) tones.


You can scan frequency, channels, memory banks, and tones. Channels can be added and removed from memory banks or scanning right from the keypad. **You can even select your scanning speed as well.


Accurate Receivers

Amateur users want the most out of their handhelds! Our radios are the most accurate in their class! When you select Narrowband: you will transmit and receive purely on narrowband! With selectable squelch levels (**on a per channel basis) you can customize exactly what and when you want to hear.

Models Designed for Hams

The following models are designed and legal for Amateur (Ham) Radio Use

**Applies to only some models



Spend Less and Get More

Commercial businesses are faced with the dilemma when it comes to updating and replacing their business radios; often times forced to spend too much for radios with limited flexibility. Our radios work on your current analog UHF and VHF frequencies and will even work with your calling (privacy) tones. You don't have to spend a penny more to replace your repeater or equipment, when our radios have the flexibility to adapt to your current needs.


With our FREE programming software you can completely have control over your radios, and you don't have to pay for expensive programming or service visits from a dealer to change your radio's programming.


Safe and Legal

Our radios are certified and compliant with the FCC regulations. You can completely lockout the features or menus that you do not want to have access to. By setting up and locking out a radio exactly how your business requires, you are able to guarantee that everyone is reachable. Our radios can communicate completely on narrowband as required by the FCC


Paging and More

Our radios work with CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, 2 TONE**, 5 TONE**, and MSK** tones and paging operations. Our radios can not only send tones, but also receive and decode tones as well. Giving customization to options such as paging, ANI, and remote radio commands (such as stun, kill, messaging and more)


By maximizing and getting the most from your business' frequency, you can break down calling to be done by individual or group - allowing a smarter way of calling to be done by departments, groups, and more.

Models Designed for Commercial Users

The following models are designed and legal for Commercial (Business) Radio Use

**Applies to only some models



Two Way Radios (Walkie-Talkies)

Our radios have built in walkie-talkie modes that you can activate easily to communicate on public frequencies. Our radios will outperform walkie-talkies and can transmit at 5 watts on GMRS and 2 watts on MURS frequencies. Having more power and range doesn't mean you have to give up communicating with your other walkie-talkies, our radios communicate with the majority of walkie-talkies without any changes.


Ideal for airsoft, motor-cross, hunting, boaters, hikers, and more - our radios are lightweight, rugged, and weatherproof for the most extreme users


Safe and Legal

Our radios are certified and compliant with FCC Part 95 for GMRS and MURS frequencies.


Stay Safe and Informed with NOAA Weather Alerts, keep yourself and your family safe by tuning in to changing weather conditions. These radios feature a Weather Radio Broadcast mode, which allows you to select a weather channel and hear the latest weather alerts from NOAA. You can even set the weather mode to activate only when a weather warning is issued.


28 Channels with Infinite Choices of Privacy Tones

Our radios are pre-programmed with 23 GMRS frequencies and 5 MURS frequencies. You can choose from 52 CTCSS tones (1 user-programmable tone) and 1024 DCS tones to communicate on your groups own private line without being disturbed by other users on the same frequency.


Want to communicate with a group and you don't know what tone they are using? Our radios can scan tones while receiving a signal to quickly and effectively find your group's tone being used.

Models Designed for Public Users

The following models are designed and legal for Public (Two-Way) Radio Use



Versatile Radios

Our radios are the most versatile radios designed with preppers in mind, with access to features required for the direst of times! Our radios can become a mobile repeater (cross band repeater)** to extend the range in between camps and groups. With FHSS (frequency hopping) built in** you can communicate securely and safely without having your frequency monitored. You can set scanning speeds and scan frequencies, channels, groups, and tones all from one handheld radio.


Through 5TONE and MSK** calling methods you send secure text messages to other AnyTone Tech radios.


**6 Band Reception

Our Radios can receive on the most used frequencies, allowing the most use from one radio. You can tune into UHF, VHF, Aviation AM, FM Radio, Shortwave, and AM Radio broadcasts.


You can communicate on GMRS, MURS, VHF, and UHF frequencies.


Take Control

During an emergency, you have the choice to take control. Be prepared and plan ahead! With the AnyTone Tech radios you can extend the range with larger and external antennas. With NOAA weather alerts and pre-programmed GMRS and MURS frequencies on our radios - you have the option to have the most versatile handhelds or settle for something less.


Take control of your radios: Did a radio get lost or stolen? To prevent others from listening in - you can program the radios to receive stun and kill commands -- shutting down the radio from being used. Once you find the radio - you can revive it with another command.

Models Designed for Preppers

The following models are designed and legal for Prepper (Emergency) Radio Use

**Applies to only some models