BaoFeng Tech launches our sister brand AnyTone Tech

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Arlington, South dakota - Monday, 23 February 2015

BaoFeng Tech has launched a partnership with the manufacturer of AnyTone radios. In this partnership we have also launched our sister brand AnyTone Tech. We are excited with the opportunity we have been given in bringing more diversity to the affordable radio market. In our commitment to the consumer we have spent several months laying the foundation for the direction of AnyTone Tech. We are committed to bringing the same service and support that we have been known for - in addition we are also introducing game-changing radios.

We are delighted to have been given so much feedback from you, our consumer, and are bringing out the first completely multi-service radios for GMRS, MURS, Commercial, and Amateur usage. This is just our first line of radios - and there is so much more innovation on it's way. Some larger companies for too long have over charged us - and it is time to bring back quality equipment at affordable prices. While some companies may lack the incentive to innovate, we will continually listen to your feedback and bring out radios that you want. Not only is it our goal to bring affordable radios to the market - but also radios that rival the quality of the 'elite'. Our hobby and our job shouldn't have to require equipment that empties our wallet, and we shouldn't have to settle for buggy unreliable radios either! We are excited to shake up the market and introduce a whole new kind of radio, service, and support to all!


BaoFeng Tech will continue to operate independently from AnyTone Tech, and will continue being a source for genuine, new, and improved BaoFeng radios and accessories.

Here's to the future of affordable quality; and we are excited to what lies ahead!